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Office Radio

Brent Miller LIVE's Office Radio is an interactive virtual event for your team that does NOT require video!

Why no video? Because the vast majority of your team often prefers their video turned off anyway.


Our interactive radio events allow your team the freedom to keep working on what is important in their day, while still enjoying a fun team event that plays them their favourite song requests LIVE


Music brings people closer together, regardless of where their offices might be right now.

Let's have some work week fun!

How Office Radio LIVE works

Office Radio LIVE duo

Piano with Vocals

Standup Bass

Pick a one hour time slot

Whether in the morning to start the day off or the afternoon to keep everyone engaged

Play LIVE through Zoom

No video only audio means everyone can keep working while we play 

Requests on the Spot

Use your zoom chat box to request songs LIVE, make dedications and send fun messages to us and the rest of the team

From one to 1000

Office Radio LIVE works for any group. From one to one thousand, we are excited to bring your team together with this fun music event



Music is the perfect way to help a team member celebrate their birthday. Choose songs they love and remember to help brighten their day.


Setting aside time to enjoy some music together is a wonderful way to acknowledge your team's important accomplishments.

Special Event

From Holiday Parties to Company Milestones, bringing your team together to celebrate together is always a great idea. 

Especially after such a challenging year, throwing a virtual event to simply say Thank You is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

When Office Radio LIVE works

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