Tunes from the Television

Dare to be different and have some fun with your wedding music! While packing in all of the romance and beauty to your big day, it is often easy to forget about the little things that make people sit up in their seat and sing along.

Nostalgia can be that powerful force that can make those fun & memorable moments happen at your reception too. Especially in a room filled with so many people that you grew up with, why not include a few of the songs that filled your living rooms and hearts along the way. We were reminded of this at a recent wedding we performed at where there bride and groom Tiff and Rob chose the song Forever for their first dance. For anyone that doesn't immediately recognize the reference for this song, while originally recorded by The Beach Boys in 1970, it was immortalized by John Stamos' character Uncle Jesse on 90s TV "comedy" Full House (the word comedy is in quotation here for obvious reasons). Being one of those kids that watched every minute of TGIF when it was broadcast every Friday night on ABC, the memories came flooding back as our band performed this song to a room full of Millenials like us, quietly nodding approval at one another amidst a backdrop of un-suspecting adults. Being in on a pop-culture reference like this one is pretty cool. From The Monkees to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Game of Thrones, there is so much music on television which is embedded in our sub-consciousness, begging to be let out! We thought we use this week to get you sifting through some old music lists of your own and take your own trip down memory lane. We focused on the past 5 decades and added some childhood cartoon favourites at the end for good measure. WARNING: I take no responsibility from the hours of Youtube watching this list may lead to. It took every ounce of self-discipline I had to stay on track and finish this for you. Enjoy! 2000s TV The Office - Handbags & Gladrags by Jay Ferguson How I Met Your Mother - Hey Beautiful by The Solids Big Band Theory - Big Bang by Barenaked Ladies The Sopranos - Theme by Howlin Wolf Sex and the City - Theme by Douglas Cuomo Curb Your Enthusiasm - Frolic by Luciano Michelini Stranger Things - Theme by Kyle Dixon CSI: Miami - Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who Twin Peaks - Theme by David Lynch Game of Thrones - Theme by Ramin Djawadi

1990s TV Forever - Jesse & The Rippers Friends - I''ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts Frasier - Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs Seinfeld - Theme by Jonathan Wolff Full House - Everywhere You Look by Jesse Frederick Family Matters - Days Go By by Jesse Frederick Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince That 70s Show - Theme by Alex Chilton Saved By The Bell - Theme by Scott Gale The Drew Carey Show - Cleveland Rocks by Robert Maguire Married... With Children - Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra 1980s TV Cheers - Where Everybody Knows Your Name by Gary Portnoy Perfect Strangers - Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now by Jesse Frederick Who’s The Boss - Brand New Life by Larry Carlton Golden Girls - Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold Miami Vice - Theme by Jan Hammer Kids In The Hall - Theme by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet The Wonder Years - With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker The Facts of Life - Theme by Gloria Loring Bosom Buddies - My Life by Billy Joel Fraggle Rock - Theme by Phillip Balsam 1970s TV Three’s Company - Come And Knock On Our Door The Muppet Show - The Muppet Show by Sam Pottle The Jeffersons - Moving On Up by Janet Dubois The Price is Right - Theme by Sheila Cole Happy Days - Theme by Charles Fox The Brady Bunch - Theme by The Peppermint Trolley Company Laverne & Shirley - Making Our Dreams Come True by Cyndi Grecco The Partridge Family - C'mon Get Happy by The Partridge Family WKRP in Cincinnati - Theme by Tom Wells Saturday Night Live - Theme by GE Smith & the SNL Band

CARTOON TV The Simpsons - Theme by Danny Elfman Family Guy - Theme by Walter Murphy Tiny Toons - Theme by Bruce Broughton Animaniacs - Theme by Richard Stone The Flintstones - Theme by Hanna Barbara The Jetsons - Theme by Hanna Barbara Duck Tales - Theme by Mark Mueller Rescue Rangers - Theme by Mark Mueller Tail Spin - Theme by Silversher & Silversher Darkwing Duck - Theme by Steve Nelson Gummy Bears - Theme by Christian Shneider