Cool R&B Party Songs

There is a certain magic to party songs that are super cool yet still leave room for everyone to mingle. As a musician, while it is nice having everyone's attention from time to time, I am a firm believer that it must be earned! There is nothing more awkward than a singer blasting melodies at an audience feigning interest or worse yet, talking louder over the performance. There is a happy in-between with some songs that are chill enough to be in the background and allow conversation, while being cool enough to get heads bobbing and be a topic of conversation themselves. We had the chance to test out a few of these R&B dance favourites at some super cool TO events the past few months and have a list of our favourites here for you to use for your next amazing event. All are awesome enough to sing along to, while at the same time being able to blend into the background. In the interest of equal representation through the years, we have listed our favourite song for every year back to 1980. These are our favourite three decades of R&B hits, all of which can be played back to back in any order you choose. Here is our comprehensive list of 30 years of head-bouncing R&B hits to get your party hooked!


2009 Empire State Of Mind - Alicia Keys ft. Jay Z

2008 Magic - Robin Thicke 2007 Valary - Amy Winehouse 2006 Irreplaceable - Beyonce 2005 Pon De Replay - Rihanna 2004 Yeah - Usher 2003 Hey Ya - Outkast 2002 Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake 2001 Video - India Arie 2000 Bootylicious - Destiny's Child


1999 The Boy Is Mine - Brandy & Monica

1998 Go Deep - Janet Jackson 1997 No Diggity - Blackstreet 1996 Don't Let Go - En Vogue 1995 Fantasy - Mariah Carey ft. ODB 1994 Creep - TLC 1993 You Gotta Be - Des'Ree 1992 Real Love - Mary J. Blige 1991 Motownphilly - Bpyz II Men 1990 Poison - Bel Biv Devoe


1989 Blame It On The Rain - Milli Vanilli 1988 Every Little Step - Bobby Brown 1987 I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston 1986 Kiss - Prince

1985 Freeway Of Love - Aretha Franklin

1984 Let's Here It For The Boy - Deniece Williams

1983 All Night Long - Lionel Richie

1982 Do I Do - Stevie Wonder

1981 Give It To Me Baby - Rick James

1980 I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross