Wedding Games That Aren't Lame

Wedding games are not for everybody. They are seen as both super-fun entertainment or super-tacky time-wasters depending on who you asking.

When they are executed properly wedding games can bring up energy at even your sleepiest of wedding receptions, adding punctuation and excitement between courses. Often it takes some leadership to break the ice and get people talking, wedding games being a brilliant way to accomplish this. Having said that, there are certainly a few important rules that keep these games on track. Part of the reason why wedding games sometimes get a bad wrap is because they broke one of these time-tested rules: 1) Games should last no longer than 2-3 minutes 2) They should be at least somewhat optional 3) The MC's obnoxiousness level must not exceed 7/10 4) Any game that isn't working must end immediately These are THE FOUR AGREEMENTS of wedding games! Follow them and we promise your games will be an asset and not a liability. By making your MC promise to follow these rules any of the below games are all nice options for adding memorable moments to your wedding reception. We have listed them in order of involvement. Only the most daring of parties should venture all the way down the list. Feel free to mix and match, keeping in mind that usually 2 or 3 wedding games total is more than enough A) SPORTING GAMES

Actual sporting games like horseshoes or ring-toss are fun things to include during cocktails or the earlier part of your reception. They are the least risky as you can literally leave them sit out and let interested guests naturally gravitate to them. They are ideal for outdoor cocktail hours or big spaces with lots of room for throwing small objects (glasswear excluded). If your venue happens to be indoors, consider replacing them with a mini-putt or bean-bag toss (we advise against board-games at the risk of your party looking bored, pun-intended.) B) KISSING GAMES

These are also on the less risky side of wedding games depending on which kissing game you choose. Our favourite game is to invite guests to SING A SONG ABOUT LOVE: Instead of clinking glasses to get you and your co-newlywed to kiss, guests are encouraged to stand at their table and sing a song with the word LOVE in it. This works best when the MC breaks the ice by leading everyone in an example song together. It is a nice touch throughout a reception as it gets table-guests chatting with each other about something other than the weather AND gets everyone singing together early on, an excellent way to get the part started. Extra points are awarded to the band or DJ who is quick on their feet and can play the song after guests begin singing it. C) CENTERPIECE GAME

A nice way to get guests loosened up for the dance-floor is to begin with a centerpiece game toward the end of dinner/dessert. While there are many different games you might find online, our favourite is on the less-involved side called PASS THE TOONIE. Guests are asked to donate one toonie for the game. Guests then stand at the table and pass the toonie in a circle to music like musical chairs. As you know with musical chairs, as the music stops at random times, whoever is holding the toonie must sit down and is out of the game. This continues until the games' surprise ending: Whoever has the toonie at the end wins...the toonie. Whoever donated the toonie, wins the centrepiece! It always gets a great reaction, just make sure you stick to the 3 minute rule! D) TRIVIA GAME

If singing and dancing isn't exactly your cup of tea, you might prefer to employ a trivia game into your evening's entertainment instead. The awesome part? All of the questions and answers would be all about you! Games can be played by printing questions for guests at their tables, or be led by an MC with guests to answer at their tables or podium. Questions should be designed by a friend or family member who knows all about your lives together and specifics that your guests might know. Winners can either be awarded with a kiss by the couple or a centerpiece at the end of the reception, whatever seems like more fun to you. E) SHOE GAME

What I love most about the shoe game is that it keeps all of the attention on the bride and groom and always gets a fun guest reaction. The bride and the groom sit with their backs together, facing in opposite directions so they can't see one another. They then remove their shoes and hold one of theirs and one of their partners' in opposite hands. A friend, family member or MC then asks the bride and groom questions about who that most closely resembles. The bride and groom respond by holding the shoe of who they think most closely represents that question. For example the question might be: Who spends the most time reading wedding blogs? You would then hold up your own shoe as the answer is clearly you! F) OTHER GAMES While there are countless other games that others might lovey. Some people love and endorse dance competitions, others love scavenger hunts and for those that love them they are indeed great too. The reason why we love the ones we listed the most is that they all seem to have the perfect amount of fun &interaction without being too pushy (and that is when things can get so very awkward) Be true to yourself and your guests whenever you are planning this all out. Choose the games that feel most natural to you and above all else have fun! Wedding games are a nice way to ease the perfection-tension and lead to better speeches, merriment and festivities. Game on!

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