It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

While Alanis Morissette may try to convince you otherwise, there is nothing ironic about rain on your wedding day. The good news is that it isn't all gloom and doom either! There are some huge benefits to a rainy wedding that are often overlooked. We realized that with such a slow start to the spring this year that many of you reading this might be anxious about your outdoor ceremonies & tented garden receptions. And while refreshing the Weather Network App 50 times per day certainly will keep you well-informed, it is most definitely not great for your pre-wedding sleeping patterns (although the people at The Weather Network certainly appreciate all the attention!) This week's blog is devoted to helping relax your fears of a washout by giving you something else to focus on (other than the gloomy cloud headed straight for your ceremony alter!) Instead we wanted to list all of our favourite things about rainy wedding days and how you will win by rolling along with the stormy winds that blow.

1) YOUR DANCE FLOOR WILL BE BETTER While beautiful summer days seem ideal for epic parties, they can actually draw your guests away away from your dance floor. We Canadians are suckers for a pretty day and who can blame us!? Patios and gorgeous terraces on a clear August night will indeed lure many guests to soak in the lovely warm evening air, sometimes leaving your dance floor with less attention that it rightly deserves. Rainy days are amazing at keeping everyone together sharing the same indoor space for dancing, drinking, laughing in the comfort of a warm space with an open bar. There is also a certain coziness in enjoying the sound of a passing storm outside and knowing that the party is the best place to be.

2) UMBRELLAS ARE GREAT ACCESSORIES You don't have to be Ted Mosby to know the importance of an umbrella on a rainy day. If storm clouds are in your forecast, make sure to bring enough for your wedding party and photographer, enabling you to courageously march together through your outdoor photos as planned. So long as you are equipped with your trusty umbrella to defend against the elements, it will add style and a story to your pictures while creating and added piece of cohesion between you. Plus they are a great prop for anyone that doesn't know what to do with their hands in a photo. In need of an Umbrella at the last minute? There are some companies that actually do last minute deliveries including Toronto's White Umbrella Company with chic photo-friendly designs over transparent heavy-duty plastic.

3) YOU WILL HAVE PRETTIER PICTURES While we are on the subject of your wedding photos, they will all look better because of the matted grey sky above you. A picturesque blue sky with perfect sunshine, while a gorgeous postcard, makes for troublesome wedding photos. Foreheads get shiny, faces get sweaty and eyes get squinty. A cloudy rainy day on the other hand gives everyone the appearance of being in a photo -studio with no effects added. Even your weird uncle will look great in this lighting! While you may have a gifted photographer that can edit out the "shiny spots", having a natural cool glow will win every time.

4) IT MAKES FOR A BETTER STORY So long as you roll with it and have a great time, everyone will remember your wedding a little more vividly in surviving the elements together. There is a camaraderie that comes from partying together despite bad weather (I'm pretty sure that is also a definition of what it's like to be Canadian too!) Some of my best memories are from rainy weddings, the most epic one being where they actually danced in the rain. An entire outdoor dance-floor got drenched by a summer storm cloud and it made for the most comical, incredible lasting memory that me or anyone else there could have asked for. With all the rainy day camaraderie comes more time spent huddled around the bar together, which is an incredible place to keep everyone. It opens the setting for more cheers, more laughter and more hi-jinx, all things that you will want for Sunday morning story telling.

5) ALL THE GOOD VIBES While all of your family will tell you that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck, rest assured that they are absolutely right! Outside of the ethereal, friends and family tend to bring their A-game to compensate for what they assume is your disappointment. Relish in the extra attention and enjoy the fact that you set the tone and by doing so turn their sympathy into rainy-day good-vibes! We are hoping that all of these reasons will get you excited about the possibility of a rainy wedding day. And maybe, just maybe, that big mean cloud scheduled to roll over your ceremony is trying to help you after all!

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