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Awesome Parent Dances

*** All of our favourite parent dances fitting for such a big beautiful moment ->

Parent dances are truly beautiful, which is part of what makes them so difficult to choose. Finding the right song to fit all of the emotions of the love between a parent and their child can be an incredibly daunting task. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose. I love looking for songs that families shared from their younger days, the ones that are already in their hearts just waiting to be discovered again. Other times there isn't an obvious answer, and so a search begins for words and music that will fit the moment. What is tricky is that it should likely be a song that both parent and child both love, often with one loving a song more than the other.

Be brave and choose the song that means a little bit more between the two of you. We promise that if you go digging, the answer should be more obvious than you first thought. The perfect song may not exist, but if you can find one that takes you and your parent down memory-lane with a smile on your face and a tear in their eye, there is truly nothing better. Here is a list of 21 of our absolute favourites with a few recorded examples to help you imagine your big moment:

LANDSLIDE - Fleetwood Mac This song has been covered by SO many artists over the years because it is so absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Stevie Nicks penned it in the mid-70s just before her and then husband Lindsey Buckingham joined up with Fleetwood Mac, written at a pivotal time in her life when she wasn't sure which direction she was going. It is about living and growing and embracing changes regardless of how drastic they may sometime be. Ideal for any Parent Dance ESPECIALLY as your parents likely already love this song! WILDFLOWERS - Tom Petty A song about life and love, it is just a perfect choice for anyone that happens to be familiar with this tune. Pianos and soft guitars that sound like actual wildflowers blooming, it invokes happy memories without being overtly-sentimental. UNFORGETTABLE - Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole This jazz classic was re-recorded with Natalie Cole singing along with her dad's original recording as a tribute. There is some serious magic here with this talented daddy/daughter duo singing together about their mutual unforgettable-ness. OVER THE RAINBOW/WONDERFUL WORLD- Israel Kamakawiwoole This ukulele-led Hawaiian version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "Wonderful World" is a wonderful substitution for their cheesier originals. Louis Armstrong's original version of the latter is still an option for those that happen to love it, but the magic of this happy tropical version wins for us FATHER AND DAUGHTER - Paul Simon This is perfect for anyone whose dad is getting all caught up in mushy country lyrics. It is the ultimate compromise as while Paul Simon was an old man when he wrote and recorded this in 2002, it is so much better than any other sappy country song like "I Loved Her First" or "My Wish", but has similar heart-touching lyrics, creatively strung together in a way only Paul Simon would think of.

STAND BY ME - Ben E. King In the true classics department this song has timeless appeal. For those times when you can't quite place exactly what emotion you are going for, this song is ideal as it pretty much covers them all. Be prepared for your guests to clap along and pull out their lighters.

ISN'T SHE LOVELY - Stevie Wonder This song was written to celebrate the birth of Stevie's daughter Aisha. The intention of the the words is what makes this one so nice for daddies and daughters as Stevie's words echo the sentiment of so many dads from the moment their daughters are born. Perfect, Precious and Wonderful. This song is a joyous celebration and just fits in so nicely. MY GIRL - The Temptations Even though this song is super obvious, it is still a brilliant choice. A mix of having lovely endearing words and an awesome classic sound, it is also a perfect choice based on its non-demanding tempo, allowing you to skip back and forth at a fun, comfortable (not-weird) pace. SOMEONE LIKE YOU - Van Morrison While the Rod Stewart's popular cover version of this song can border on being a little froofy (yes, I wrote froofy) Van Morrison's original recording streams with gentle honesty. Simple quiet words sung in an introspective way is what makes Van Morrison so great and will make your dance great too.

GOD ONLY KNOWS - The Beach Boys I'm not going to lie, Brian Wilson's lyrics are super weird in this song. And I'm not sure I even entirely like it as it leaves me with a weird happy/sad feeling (like I was lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did.) But it was so good at the end of Love Actually, making moments feel big and beautiful, so it made the list.

YOUR SONG - Elton John Any parent who is a child of the 70s has a

soft spot for Elton John, this being one of his very best. You can also substitute CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT from THE LION KING, although I have heard mixed reviews on this one. Both are about life and love and Elton John's 5 decade career helps bridge the gap between generations either way. FOREVER YOUNG - Rod Stewart I must admit that I didn't realize this was a cover (evidently with Rod Stewart they are almost all cover songs.) I love this version though in all of its unapologetic 80s cheesy majesty. For anyone that is a Bob Dylan fan you will likely prefer his original version (everyone else be warned that you will hate it as it is kind of a jumble, even by Dylan's standards.) WILD WORLD - Cat Stevens This one feels like advice given from a parent to a child, so quite fitting for a parent dance. It is kind of a bitter-sweet song, but the soft way that Cat sings it makes it seem hopeful and reassuring. I also like that this song feels like having afternoon tea. Also that Cat Steven's name is Cat. That's neat too. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - Alan O'Byrant For anyone that has some country roots, this song is such a nice tribute to simpler times. The Johnny Cash version is super popular too, although a bit more depressing, which is why this version got our vote. This one was featured in George Clooney's Old Timey movie, "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" which also has many other nice selections if you feel like digging. HERE COMES THE SUN - The Beatles There is a very good chance you can sell your parents on a Beatles song, and this is one of the most on point. It is another song about hope, sunrises, Sunday mornings and happiness. Plus it also has a nice up-tempo feel so you can come up with your own dance steps. IN MY LIFE - The Beatles On the subject of The Beatles this is another of their classics that fits more often than not. It isn't quite as much fun as Here Comes The Sun, so better saved for when you would like a more serious family moment.

There are a ton of versions of this song, Sheryl Crow's being the most popular acoustic version. The lyrics are mostly on point if you make a point of half-listening to the verses. The chorus makes it work every single time. A great choice if you prefer an "Axl Rose Shuffle" to actual slow-dancing. GOOD MOTHER - Jann Arden This was the song I picked for the dance with my mom, indeed she is a great mother! We landed on this one as she has been a huge fan of Jann Arden's since the 90s. So much truth in these words sung with the honest conviction of Arden's uniquely Canadian sweet & sour voice.

WONDERFUL WORLD - Louis Armstrong This one comes up again and again as it is just the most wonderful statement for such a wonderful moment. It captures the sentiment of an older wiser heart appreciating the march of time, with parents getting teary eyed as they reflect on their babies growing into the beautiful strong humans that are now enjoying their momentous wedding day. A classic in every way! HOW WILL I KNOW - Whitney Houston One of our favourite parent dance moments we remember is from a bride and her mom as it was just the two of them growing up. This was a song they would dance to at night together all the time, so made for the perfect parent dance for the two of them to rock out together reminiscing of good times past. JUST WHAT I NEEDED - The Cars YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND - Queen YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE - Hall & Oates HERE FOR YOU - Neil Young WILD HORSES - Rolling Stones TURN TURN TURN - The Byrds CHILD OF MINE - Carole King YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND - James Taylor JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - Billy Joel ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - The Beatles TIME AFTER TIME - Cyndi Lauper I'LL BE THERE - Jackson 5 SONGBIRD - Fleetwood Mac EDELWEISS - The Sound of Music RAINBOW CONNECTION - Kermit The Frog TEACH YOUR CHILDREN - Crosby, Stills & Nash MY DARLING - Wilco COUNT ON ME - Bruno Mars LEAN ON ME - Bill Withers


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