Ceremony Music Rescue

*** Has your reception been postponed? We want you to have your ceremony music anyway ->

There is no doubt about it, 2020 has been a super sucky year for weddings! We have chatted with so many disappointed couples who have been forced to postpone their wedding reception, courageously calling up all of their family and friends to reschedule along with them as they all rearrange their travel and life plans around this unexpected pandemic. Words cannot fully articulate the stress that they have been through.

While many wedding have been rescheduled to far-off future dates, there is still the heaviness of all of the original wedding date coming with no celebration, no family or friends, no fanfare,. Just a quarantined promise of a distant tomorrow. We want to help! We want you to have your beautiful ceremony music anyway. Your wedding date is going to come and we want you to share it without a song to fully celebrate your bright brilliant love together to the highest degree possible! SO we will be spending the next few weeks recording dozens and dozens of wedding songs! And whether you are currently a client or not, we would love to record yours for you too!! There is no catch! We simply want to help cheer up as many couples as we can. It is this simple: 1) Email Us your Name, Postponed Wedding Date and Favourite Song. 2) We will send you back a lovely Instrumental Piano recording to enjoy. 3) Celebrate together as your postponed date comes and goes. 4) Enjoy Responsibly :)

A wonderful example is the ceremony music we recorded for Zac and Kat's now-postponed April 7th wedding. We recorded it a few days prior so that they could have it to enjoy on their postponed wedding day together. They chose Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" for their ceremony processional, performed instrumentally by myself on piano in the video featured here. While it was a million miles from the day they dreamed of, they spent the day driving past their wedding venue with the song playing in their car and made for a nice teary moment. The beauty, the tragedy, the ridiculousness. All of it!


We are so inspired by the doctors and first-responders making sacrifices to get through this challenging time that we want to donate as many of our waking hours to helping as many people as possible. It is a small gift, but it is the one that we have to give and it fills us with joy to be able to share it. In that spirit we are extending this offer not only to our own clients whose weddings have been postponed, but to the first 100 couples who get in touch with us before May 31st! It is so important for us to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and spiritually through these coming months and it is our goal to give as many tiny lovely sparks of love away as we can.

IT CAN BE ANYTHING! Please feel free to request absolutely anything! As an example of a very creative song request, here is our ceremony rendition of "Zelda's Lullabye", a song that was featured in 90s Nintendo game "The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time". This was appropriately intended for the gorgeous castle-like setting of Hart House's Courtyard at the University of Toronto. WOULD YOU LIKE A SONG? Simply Email Us your names, postponed wedding date and song you would like before May 31st and we will send you back your own customized recording free of charge.

Wishing you health, happiness and LOVE through these challenging times!