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Incredible Introductions

*** All of the secrets we have found to making the splashiest wedding reception introductions ->

You want your wedding introductions to rock! You've seen the good, the bad and the just plain awkward, but what does it take to be the best? This is a big moment that can either crash-and-burn or set an exciting tone for the entire evening. This week we look at a few critical details that will help thrill your guests and wedding party alike, making the lasting impression you are hoping for. We will point out the common cringe-worthy pitfalls as well as the helpful gems that will inspire cheers and lead your reception to the glory it so rightly deserves.

1) THE RIGHT MUSIC Choosing the right introduction music is huge. Great song choices are the best way to heighten the introduction moment and thrill your reception guests, pumping your wedding party full of excitement which they can then burn off with glorious dance moves. The right introduction music can also help set the tone for the rest of the reception. Letting this moment be filled with your favourites and memories is a fantastic way to stoke memories of great times spent with your family and friends. Be as bold as you would like to be here. Your favourites may be motown, classic rock, new house or old-school, so long as they get you excited feel free to include them all. Dig through your old favourite playlists and include only the songs that will give your reception something to smile about.

2) THE RIGHT MC Make sure to select your MC carefully. Introducing the wedding party is easily the hardest task that this job calls for and it is unfortunately always the first task as well. Only an individual with lots of experience with public speaking can jump into the expectations of this moment. Timing, delivery and confidence all are crucial elements to the introductions' effectiveness, so if your MC does not have these experience hardened skills, leave this to someone who does. Not to fear! You can often call upon a band or DJ to introduce your wedding party, then calling your MCs up to the podium afterward. Think of the Academy Awards as an example. Even the best hosts like Ellen and Jon Stewart have the deep voiced "introduction guy" introduce the evening, creating a warm atmosphere and thunderous round of applause before the hosts even say their first word. Treat your MCs like the stars they are and get someone else to do the heavy lifting for them. 3) DON'T SAY TOO MUCH Timing is everything. We know how much everyone in your wedding party means to you and often you will be tempted to write a short blurb about them as they are introduced to the room. This is always a mistake. This is not to say that you shouldn't write a nice blurb about them and how you know them. After everyone is seated and the MCs have the mic, this is a wonderful time for everyone to be introduced with stories about how you know each other and memories you shared. What never works is trying to cram this all into the introduction moment with music blaring in the background. You are asking for everyone's undivided attention and applause, so keep the energy high or their excitement will start to fade into chatter. Watch the introductions on SNL this week, there is a flow. Darrell Hammond introduces guests by name only over the background of the SNL Band. The trick is to keep the introductions simple so that you and your wedding party can let your legendary dance moves do the talking (no pressure!) 4) ADDING ADJECTIVES The last rule isn't too say that you can't have any fun with the introductions, but keep it quick! If you would like to add an adjective or descriptor to the incredible people in your wedding party, keep it to 17 words or less. With fewer words it is also much easier to be funny or sincere. Be your introduction a compliment or a pot-shot, a quick delivery will pack more punch: "She has been the bride's bestie for over two decades, our Maid of Honour Rebecca!" "He's the guy who took the last shrimp from the buffet, your Best Man David!" Imagine your introductions all as little post cards and your challenge is to fit your words and brilliant thoughts onto the front of one (hint: post cards are not very big.) For further examples on how to write great post-card sized thoughts, read the rules laid out by brilliant Pot-Shotter Ashleigh Brilliant who has a storied career of writing deep thoughts in 17 words or less. 5) YOUR BIG MOMENT It should be bigger than the rest. To begin with, choose music that is notably different from your other song choices. If you decided to use all 90s throwback music for your wedding party, perhaps go with some classic motown for yourself. The tempo of the song you choose can also be important as it will influence the speed of your strut. If you are feeling shy a slower song can be wiser as you can make a cool & collected introduction. For couples that are feeling flashy, an unapologetic 90s dance beat can pump everyone up and lead to hi-fives all around the room. And a mid-temp song like Barry White's My First, My Last, My, Everything will almost always lead to the whole room clapping along with you. Go ahead an choose the one that fits your style the best. This is a big moment that you won't soon forget so the most important thing is to make sure it tells your story (you survived your wedding ceremony and that is surely something to celebrate!) Need some song ideas? Here are our 30 of our favourite Introduction songs we love: 1) MY FIRST, MY LAST, MY EVERYTHING - Barry White 2) MARRY YOU - Bruno Mars 3) THIS WILL BE (AN EVERLASTING LOVE) - Natalie Cole 4) L.O.V.E. - Nat King Cole 5) SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED, Stevie Wonder 6) I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE - The Darkness 7) UPTOWN FUNK - Bruno Mars 8) GET UP OFFA THAT THANG - James Brown 9) THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL - Michael Jackson 10) SAVE THE LAST DANCE - Michael Buble 11) I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU - Kiss 12) FOREVER - Chris Brown 13) LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT - DJ Kool 14) CAKE BY THE OCEAN - DNCE 15) SHUT UP AND DANCE - Walk The Moon 16) SANDSTORM - Darude 17) CRAZY IN LOVE - Beyonce 18) FINESSE - Bruno Mars 19) HANDCLAP - Fitz And The Tantrums 20) BEST DAY OF MY LIFE - American Authors 21) ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME - Coldplay 22) YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE - Hall & Oates 23) KISS ME - Sixpence None The Richer 24) HOOKED ON A FEELING - Blue Suede 25) YOU CAN CALL ME AL - Paul Simon 26) PONY - Ginuwine 27) THIS IS HOW WE DO IT - Montell Jordan 28) MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS - Notorious B.I.G. 29) SEPTEMBER - Earth Wind & Fire 30) THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL - Michael Jackson

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