Super Mario Ceremony Music

*** Ceremony music can be serious or fun. This week we take that FUN idea to the limit ->

READY? START! Yes, you read the title of this blog correctly. Our focus this week is to help fans of video game music bring their 8-bit ceremony dreams to life. As you know, we love getting really creative with song selection and what better way to push the boundaries of ordinary than with some of our favourite button-tapping classics. If you happen to be someone who grew up with Mario bouncing in the background, these songs live in your heart and bring back a sense of youthful joy. They are also true originals when turned into elegant classical ceremony music, perfectly suited for walking down the aisle to. The best part for the bride is that she will already be wearing her princess dress. One of the things that is most brilliant about these selections is that while you and your friends will know every part of the song intimately (having listened to it on repeat for hours on end as you battle through stage after difficult stage), to anyone that is unfamiliar it will just sound like beautiful classical music. We have tested this out many times and have successfully flown under the radar every time, while delighting the ears and hearts of many young crazies like us. Think of the hours you may have spent listening to any one of these famous video game ballads and it makes sense why they are still permeating your consciousness. You likely know the music from Super Mario World better than you know Vivaldi's 4 Seasons and to us that is something you should be super proud about. Video game music is a higher art-form than they seem at first glance. Every single piece was written and arranged by a talented Japanese composer before it was converted into brilliant 8bit and 16 but sound. Every generation has their artwork commissioned by the money and powers of the age, contemporary classical music in Japan largely shaped by this enormous video game industry. And being that it was composed for fun, most of it is happy beautiful music that fits in perfectly with wedding atmosphere. Even if you aren't sold on walking down the aisle are just thinking of including a few for your pre-ceremony music as guests are We have recorded a few samples here to help get your imagination going:


The classic of all classics. The generation of popular video games all began with this well known song, familiar to all in no small part because it usually came packaged with most Nintendo systems. We included a mix of the first two songs from this game as a nice example of what these songs can be turned into, but don't let your imagination end there! You really can't go wrong with a Mario song, so feel free to explore your favourites from the first three games, be they found underwater with the jellyfish or sky-high while flying via racoon suit.


The inspiration for this recording came from a wedding planner friend who is coordinating a Zelda-Inspired destination wedding this summer (no, the destination is not Zelda's make-believe kingdom of Hyrule.) The couple is all in on this theme from their Triforce- Wedding Rings to Master Sword Cake. We are excited to bring you some photos here after this wedding takes place in a couple of months. In the meantime we are hoping Link finds all 4 heart container pieces in time for the ceremony! SUPER MARIO WORLD - RECESSIONAL

Looking for a fun recessional piece to cap off your video-game inspired ceremony moment? Look no further than this classic piece from Super Mario World. We are pretty sure this is the song that played while Mario was jumping on the backs of dolphins to get across a water level, hopefully making you and your finace jump for joy in a similar 16bit fashion!