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Wedding Games That Aren't Lame

* Here are our favourite wedding games that promise to bring big smiles to your wedding day ->

Wedding games are a great way to add some energy to your dinner reception. When done tastefully by an experienced MC they have the power to create some wonderfully engaging moments that help define your dinner party. The best part about wedding games is that you and your guests get to be the stars! We have taken the time to list some of our favourites for you here, with a wide range of low and high energy games depending on what you like best!


What I love most about the shoe game is that it keeps all of the attention on the bride and groom and always gets a fun guest reaction. The bride and the groom sit with their backs together, facing in opposite directions so they can't see one another. They then remove their shoes and hold one of theirs and one of their partners' in opposite hands. The MC then asks the bride and groom questions about who that most closely resembles. The bride and groom respond by holding the shoe of who they think most closely represents that question. For example the question might be: Who is the best driver? Who is the messier cook? Who takes the most time getting ready in the morning? It is a fun "get to know you game" for guests on both sides of the family and even better if you personalize the questions to match you and your partner. It always gets big laughs and is certainly worth the 5 minute investment of time between dinner courses!


This is a much livelier game that works great toward the end of a dinner reception when your guests are ready for some action! 10 Chairs are lined up in the middle of the dance floor, having guests volunteer to take part in the game by coming to the dance floor and sitting on a chair. The MC has a list of 10 items the participants must look for in the room, ranging from simple items like lipstick and credit cards to more difficult items like headache pills or in the case of the video about, a man's shirt! A chair is removed while the music plays, leaving just one lucky winner at the end of 9 fun-filled rounds. This game always surprises me with how engaged everyone gets. A great party starter! C) KISSING GAMES

Adding a kissing game to your wedding is a clever way to replace the "clinking of glasses" tradition to get the bride and groom to kiss. A great reason to add a kissing game is to control the amount of kissing that you will actually have to do by adding a game that the MC is in control of. Instead of clinking glasses, guests can be invited by the MC to answer a trivia question, sing a song with the word LOVE in it or demonstrate how they would like the bride and groom to kiss. Again the best way to do this is usually to have the MC lead the game and invite guests, as leaving this game to an "open-forum" can lead to 20+ exhausting kisses over dinner. Somewhere around 5 rounds of the kissing game will keep this from being too interruptive AND allows you and your partner to actually enjoy your dinner! D) CENTERPIECE GAME

A nice way to get guests loosened up for the dance-floor is to begin with a centerpiece game toward the end of dinner/dessert. While there are many different games you might find online, our favourite is on the less-involved side called PASS THE TOONIE. Guests are asked to donate one toonie for the game. Guests then stand at the table and pass the toonie in a circle to music like musical chairs. As you know with musical chairs, as the music stops at random times, whoever is holding the toonie must sit down and is out of the game. This continues until the games' surprise ending: Whoever has the toonie at the end wins...the toonie. Whoever donated the toonie, wins the centrepiece! It always gets a great reaction and is a fun way to play some great music and get guests pumped up before the dancing starts soon after!


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