Get Excited for Indoor Ceremonies

September 24, 2019

You have been planning your outdoor ceremony for over a year. You envisioned the lazy heat of summer spilling over into late September, trees blowing gently in the background, glasses of champagne in the hands of your happy guests on your venues gorgeous outdoor terrace, happy celebrating the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended in their lives. Your wedding alter is graced with the perfect background of a soft evening hue of colours streaming across the background of a perfect garden arbour, birds singing in the background as they look down on what is the most beautiful outdoor gathering of people they have ever seen.

Then the temperature drops. The birds fly away. The happy looks on the faces of your guests turn aghast as they see dark clouds moving in. The leaves on the trees are completely still, holding on for dear life as they are met with a wave of frost. The bubbles in the champagne glasses even seem to be moving a bit slower than usual (is that even possible!?) When you look out for a sign of hope, there is no sun, only dark clouds showing no sign of sunny hope for a late day break.

The moment of truth. The wedding planner walks over to you, slowly and carefully, the way that they must approach fierce animals in the zoo before they are properly trained.  She asks you the question you have been fearing all day: "Would you like to move the ceremony indoors?"

NO!!! You shriek out violently in your mind.  This is the happiest @&$%$  day of my life and I won't have my plans derailed by a little chilly weather. Aren't we Canadians after all?

Your eyes gaze around the room. You see your Grandma Milly with her arms around herself in the corner, a look of concern on her face. Suddenly calmer emotions start to fill your heart. Are you really going to make her sit outside in the cold 5 degree weather for almost an hour? Your great uncle Herbert will certainly not be impressed. Your heart sinks a little. You know what you have to do...

You stop staring blankly at the venue's impressively intricate designer wallpaper and look back up at your wedding planner with what you consider to be the nicest expression you can muster up. "Sure, let's move it inside" you reply with a voice that sounds obviously crushed to everyone else but you, but don't worry, they won't say anything.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!!! We promise there are MANY reasons to get very excited about your ceremony indoors and this week we are going to explore all of them to get you EXCITED about the prospects of moving your previously scheduled outdoor ceremony ...pause for effect ... indoors!

There is no amount of speaker volume that will diminish the noise of airplanes flying overhead and the sound of 1000 Cicadas collectively buzzing in your venues delicately trimmed garden.

Unless you have hired an officiant who can seriously project (like our good friend Jeremy Citron of All You Need Is Love Weddings)

Weather is a fussy thing and it is rarely ideal. As Canadians we know this in our hearts and yet we still make outdoor plans week after week as though we all lived in Hawaii. We don't! Canada has two temperatures, too hot and too cold, and none of us are ever comfortable outdoors all at the same time.

Classy wedding attire compounds this issue as men are expected to wear full suits and ties with shoes while women are dressed in summer dressed and strappy shoes. This means that at least half of your guests are going to be uncomfortable. On hot summer days of course at least the men won't complain, but I can assure you we would all rather be in the shade with a cool drink in our hands (hence the phenomena of patio umbrellas.)

By moving your ceremony inside you can make sure you regulate both sunburns and cold-shivers, letting your guests enjoy the comforts of a perfectly conditioned 24 degree environment as supplied by your incredible temperature-controlled venue.

There is no chance of squinty eyes or beads of sweat for an indoor ceremony (unless your photographer brings a super bright flash or your venue's heater happens to be broken.)

While your photographer can no-doubtedly work wonders, they cannot make your eyes open (without doing so serious photo-shop magic.) Indoor ceremonies will keep your hair and make-up as flawless as your Hair and Make-up Aritst intended them to be.

Once you have resigned to your wedding ceremony being indoors, you can finally stop frantically updating your weather network app, looking for storm patterns emerging out of West Michigan.

You can rest easy knowing that your vows will not be interrupted by a clap of thunder, nor will your guests be blown away by nasty rainy wind. Your focus can instead be on the beautiful moment unfolding before you within the comfort of your luxurious venue who happens to have a pretty fantastic indoor ceremony space now that you are forced to look at it again.

There is something about a chilly day that makes being inside pretty darned amazing. Especially in being surrounded by your loved ones, the warmth factor goes through the roof in sharing this moment with them all literally inside the same room.

The one thing that is true about weather in Canada is that it never seems to please everyone at the same time. It is part of why it is such a humongous part of our conversation with strangers, doing our best to find a shared meaning in the ups and downs of a province that can easily change as many as 50+ degrees within just a few short months (sidenote, to the rest of the world, this is deemed as fairly extreme.)  What you consider to be the perfect brisk day your grandmother surely thinks is winter coat weather.  Being inside on a chilly day takes a humongous pressure off of you as a host and lets your attention go back to what is truly important...getting married!

Wishing you a wonderful warm wedding day...and failing that, a beautiful indoor back-up plan!

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