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Give Me Everything

***A detailed look at our Full Wedding Package when you ask for everything->

What does it look like when you hire Brent Miller LIVE for your full wedding day? We include a unique mix of both LIVE & DJ to help create memorable moments that will make your wedding stand out as truly amazing. While every wedding timeline is different, we will use the example of a popular 5PM - 1AM wedding timeline to help you imagine how all of the different musical parts might fit together at your open wedding including 4x45 minute LIVE sets wherever they fit best for you! 5:00PM Ceremony -> Are you beginning your big day with your ceremony?

We perform instrumental renditions of your favourite songs for your wedding ceremony, beginning with prelude to tailor-made versions of your 4 big music moments: PROCESSIONAL (wedding party) BRIDAL PROCESSIONAL (for the bride) REGISTER SIGNING (music while you sign) RECESSIONAL (a fun song at the end)

Our most popular option is our Ceremony Duo featured in this video, or if you happen to love the sound of strings, we have an option to add one of our talented violinists as a LIVE Trio

5:30PM Cocktails -> Or Perhaps you will begin with a cocktail reception?

LIVE Duo, Trio and Quartet options to match your party size and vibe. We have great accompanying instrument options including guitar, drums and saxophone to match a wide variety of musical styles, anchoring on our popular mix of jazzy renditions of everything! Nothing is off limits! While we often begin with 60s Vocal Jazz or Classic Rock and Motown songs, we have been known to include everything from 80sRock to 90sDance to 00sR&B to 10sEDM to 20sPop. Let us know your favourites and we will create a custom playlist to make your cocktail reception come to life!

7:00PM Wedding Party Introductions -> We include full DJ/MC Service for your big moments!

There are few moments bigger than the wedding party introductions, where the wedding party gloriously parades into the reception, dancing along with their favourite songs to pump them up. We have had the pleasure of executing 100s of incredible introductions and can gladly help you execute an awesome polished production ALL while playing your favourite hyped-up songs from Motown to HipHop to Dance hits that will help you achieve the glorious moment that you and your wedding party so deserve! 7:15PM Speeches - Do you need help with MC Service? We can do that too!

While it is always nice to have a friend or family member to help out with MC duties, it isn't always possible. There isn't always someone who has the confidence or experience readily available, which is when we are always more than happy to help! We have a professional, yet fun tone that helps get attention and applause at all the right moments, keeping your wedding timeline on track alongside your wedding planner and venue team.

7:30PM Dinner Music - From lovely & romantic to lively & fun, you get to choose the vibe!

The dinner hours of your wedding are easily the most overlooked of the reception. Most weddings include 4 courses of food that last 2.5 Hours or more, more often than not your guests will be ready to party long before the dinner ends! Live music through dinner is the perfect way to create memorable moments before the dancing begins with slow songs for couples in love and jazzy versions of your favourites to create conversation.

And best of all is the magic hour after the main course, while your guests are heading back to the bar and enjoying dessert, they will be ready for some lively music to help warm them up for the dance floor that is about to open up! From Backstreet Boys to Taylor Swift, James Brown to Bruno Mars, no request is off limits as we create custom playlists for every wedding to help make the night as memorable and amazing as possible! 9:30PM First Dances - This is probably our favourite thing. Always magical and special.

Honestly, this is probably what we are best known for. We love taking your First Dance and personalizing it into a beautiful slow dance. I think it is most remarkable because each of these becomes a completely unique rendition of a song you already love, creating something special for you that is unlike anyone else's. The First Dance is typically done after dinner unless you are super nervous about it, in which case you can also do it right after your wedding party introductions at the beginning of dinner around 7:15PM. It is such a special moment whenever you decide to do it. Parent Dances are also popular to follow the First Dance or after the parent's speeches through dinner. Another benefit of having them performed LIVE is that we can end the song at any time that you like in case you would prefer a shortened rendition.

9:45PM Party Time - We end every Full Wedding Day with a full fantastic dance party!

After the band finishes it is time to bust out the DJ turntables and get your party rocking.

For parties that love to dance to a band, we have the option to save our last LIVE set to kick-off your Dance Party with live music until 11PM taking all of your song requests and exciting everyone to celebrate with our band's lively & adaptive dance style! Or maybe you would prefer to get to the hip-hop and dance music right away, in which case it is also popular to switch right to DJ service right after the first dance.

1:00AM Thank You - Celebrations as you gather with your friends who danced all night with you!

Every wedding is different and we love giving you the power to shape it to fit your vision. When you work with us, we truly endeavor to think of everything so you don't have to. We love what we do and celebrate the opportunity to create new & special music for every occasion. Above all else we want you to have the wedding that you dreamed of. The one that you and your fiance and family and friends will love. The one that feels like you. Let us know what sounds awesome to you. We want to include all of the pieces that will help make this the day of your dreams!


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