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  • Brent Miller

Lighting The Moment

*** Lights, Staging, & Dance Effects, We're here to help you bring your colourful dreams to life->

From lovely mansion houses to gorgeous vineyards, so many of our favourite venues do not have lighting or AV installed in fitting with their rustic allure. While dimly lit evenings are certainly romantic and charming, that doesn't mean you have to have your dance in the dark! We have had experience with pretty much every venue in the GTA and have a number of popular lighting options that are both unobtrusive in their set-up and tasteful in their delivery. While we are admittedly minimalists in our personal approach to lighting, we are also passionate about helping our clients achieve their wedding visions and are equipped to make all of your visual dreams come true! Here are a few of our popular options that can be easily added to any of our packages:

Décor Uplighting

This is one of our favourites as it adds colour in an elegant and unobtrusive way. In addition to lighting walls and accenting backdrops, these lights have a variety of functions that can also be used for dance effects with patterns including a slow fade as well as a lively dance pattern You can choose from hundreds of colours across the lighting spectrum including white and our one of our personal favourites as they typically blend into most decor styles and patterns that you have planned at your wedding or event. Best of all is the price as they are available at just $45/light including delivery & set-up.

Dance Lighting Effects

These lights are also popular options as they create the flashy LED effects that have become common on dance floors over the past decade. Typically only 2 are required as they are designed to fill a big space (for reference, the first photo was taken from a dance at the ballroom of the Ritz Carlton, so they have no trouble filling a room for hundreds of guests.) These lights also "listen" to the music and respond with faster or slower lighting patterns depending on the type of music being played. The cost for these is also attractively low at just $100 total for 2 Dancing Effect Lights. Dry Ice & Sparklers

If you are looking for an added "sparkle" for big moments like your Grand Entrance or First Dance, then you might be interested in taking a look at these wedding "sparklers". While they look like fireworks, they are 100% Fire Safe and provide an exciting bang for guests akin, elevating your event with this exciting light display. They often pair nicely with a Dry Ice effect underneath, that look of floating on a cloud. The cost including delivery and set-up is a surprisingly low $350 for 2 Sparklers, $350 for Dry Ice, or $550 when you book them both together as a package.

Moving Heads & Spotlights

If you want to give your dance floor that "hollywood lights" effect, then intelligent moving head lights are a fantastic investment. They come mounted on trusses, that often also light-up as displayed in the photo above, and elevated so that they can cast light in all directions in the room. These require a bit-more set-up, so are a bit more expensive at $750 for 2 moving heads on trusses including set-up & delivery. Conversely a more cost-effective option is a simple Spotlight, that can be used for big moments like your first dance, and prices at $150 including set-up and delivery. IN SUMMARY

Lights are fun extras. They help accent decor and bring an event vision to life. While lights and effects are not replacements for great music, they certainly do enhance the visuals and contribute to amazing and memorable event experiences. We do our best to keep this as simple as possible. If you are feeling confused about what options might fit your event the best, feel free to get in touch for some specific options. Wishing you a beautiful bright & colourful reception dance!


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