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Lighting the Moment

*** Lights, Staging, & Dance Effects, we're here to help you style your wedding to the ceiling->

From lovely mansion houses to gorgeous vineyards, so many of our favourite venues do not have lighting or AV installed in fitting with their rustic allure. While dimly lit evenings are certainly romantic and charming, that doesn't mean you have to have your dance in the dark! We have had experience with pretty much every venue in the GTA and have a number of popular lighting options that are both unobtrusive in their set-up and tasteful in their delivery. While we are admittedly minimalists in our personal approach to lighting, we are also passionate about helping our clients achieve their wedding visions and are equipped to make all of your visual dreams come true! Here are a few of our popular options that can be easily added to any of our packages:

Décor Uplighting This is one of our favourites as it adds subtle colour to the room, giving you the ability to match the lights to your carefully curated flowers and décor. There are three big advantages to using these modern uplights: 1) Choose from hundreds of colours across the lighting spectrum including white.

2) Switch from a static dinner pattern to an an elegant slow fade for dancing. 3) For livelier dancing effects, they can be set to change with the beat of the music 4) They are of tremendous value for their typically low price of $45/Light. 5) For a more minimal and elegant effect, simply using 4 along the wall opposite the dance floor can give the party all the lift it needs without detracting from the rest of the room. Alternately, larger rooms can often handle more. Typically 4 uplights per wall is a nice maximum in creating the desired effect without going overboard (too many coloured lights can sometimes be a touch distracting to older or more sensitive guests.)

Dance Lighting Effects The most popular dance lighting effects we have come across are generally called "Party Lights". They create the flashy LED effects that have become common on dance floors over the past decade. Typically only 2 are required (they usually look best in multiples of two.) 1) For anyone looking for an extra boost of light for their dance floor, this is a fantastic easy way to achieve it. They are fun without being too flashy for your sensitive guests. 2) These lights also "listen" to the music and respond with faster or slower lighting patterns depending on the type of music being played. 3) While these are smaller and less "intelligent" than what you might see at a modern concert or sporting event, the advantage is that they do require additional rigging that may not blend in with the rest of your wedding décor. 4) They can be operated by us, meaning that without the need for additional personnel to set-up, the cost is attractively low at just $100 total for 2 Dancing Effects. 5) Larger rooms can sometimes require more, but similarly to the décor.uplighting, most rooms that would require more than 4 dancing effects will often have lighting already installed in the ceiling.

Moving Heads, Dry Ice, Bubble Machines & More! We want to help you make your dreams come true! Ask us for our current price list for a

complete list of audio and visual options available through our trusted AV partners. We have worked together at countless events in the past making sure we get each and every detail right!


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