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Corporate Awards Dinner

*** We love helping to make corporate dinner receptions memorable and special->

Planning a dinner to recognize and celebrate the amazing people on your corporate team is a wonderful way to give back to the people working hard for your company's success. We have greatly valued the opportunity to have been a part of many corporate awards dinners, taking seriously our job help elevate the evening and make it memorable and special for everyone. In adding our LIVE Music complete with DJ service through the evening, there are a number of key moments that we love to help with. The combination of our jazzy & romantic dinner music with our professionally timed cues through your speeches, awards and prizes is what has led to so many successful parties and wonderful reviews that we are so grateful for!

THE MUSIC We always begin with out classic jazzy background sound, allowing guests to relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of the evening over conversation with co-workers and friends. Our song selection always strives to achieve a balance between classy vocal jazz like Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole, radio classics like Elvis Presley, The Beatles & Van Morrison and newer recognizable radio hits like Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift, all played in a style that matches the upscale atmosphere of the evening

SPEECHES To help create an augmented moment for your speeches, we always include a high-end cordless microphone through our full sound system ensuring a clear crisp sound for everyone to hear the words your president and C-suite team may have prepared. We also include professional MC service to introduce your speakers, helping get the attention of the room and incite applause to ensure they all receive a warm reception.

AWARDS This is perhaps the most important portion of the evening, a chance to recognize the noteworthy accomplishments among those in attendance. While the awards section usually does not have music accompaniment, often there will be team photos and videos that accompany this section, which is always a nice time to play some meaningful music that will help tell the story of your team's fiscal year. PRIZES Our full DJ service between LIVE sets gives us the ability to play winning-music for your prize recipients as they walk up to receive their prizes. It looks and feels just like an awards show, the music augmenting the big moment and making the winners feel as though they are on TV. This is a moment we love to heighten with a variety of music choices to fit your group's taste in music with any range of styles including Top40, 90sDance, 80sNewWave, 70sDisco, Classic Rock, Reggae, 00sR&B and everything in-between.

RECEPTION After the prizes have been given out and we are into the final dessert course, it is always a great time to perform some well known favourites that everyone knows and loves. This is a great way to finish a memorable evening, on a warm and happy note that will leave everyone feeling inspired by an uplifting and positive evening of celebration!

Here are some of the fantastic corporate clients we have proudly performed for:

Scotiabank * Aviso Wealth * WeirFoulds LLP * Podium Developments PCLaw Time Matters Canvest * Abell Pest Control * Power Workers Union Eastern Power * Anatolia Tile * Pusateri's Orca Retirement * Georgian Partners Manulife * Portage Ontario * Registered Nurse Foundation of Ontario TIFF Rising Stars * CUPE * The Stevie Awards * Intact Insurance


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